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Through his company Boy Fell In Pond, John Harris writes scripts for moviesThe focus is on low to mid-budget movies which engage the audience and evoke an emotional response: Small Movies, Big Heart. Current projects in development include stories in a range of genres: fantasy, romance, drama, thriller, adventure and scifi.

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Revenge of the Taniwha

(Family Adventure): Ten-year-old Brad believes there’s a giant sea creature in the remote harbour where he lives, and he convinces his cousin, marine biologist Laura Jones to investigate. It’s the start of a terrifying ordeal for both of them.

The Gravedigger’s Choir

(Thriller): Painfully shy gravedigger Badger Crickleton is obsessed with Rodin’s famous sculpture The Kiss, and he’s saving for a ticket to Paris to see it. But he witnesses a murder in the church, and is soon on the run from the police and the killers.

The Nautilus Project

(Thriller): Rebellious young computer games addict Arthur Pike is kidnapped by his mega-rich grandfather to help develop a revolutionary computer. Arthur drawn into the heady world of cutting-edge software which promises to change the world. But then he stumbles on a shocking secret. The computer is actually a living sea creature, a Giant Nautilus, imprisoned in a subterranean chamber. Arthur and his friend Tess hatch a plan to set the Nautilus free.


(Drama/Fantasy):  The quaint little town of Hazelwood the scene of a double tragedy years before,  is preparing for Christmas when a young man comes home for a last-ditch attempt to win back his childhood sweetheart.  He’ll need a miracle – and sleepy Hazelwood is ready for it.


The Physician’s Gun

(Thriller – inspired by actual events): A young man starting a new life in a goldrush town is drawn into a web of evil and temptation and must fight to save his soul.

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