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John’s siblings Peter Harris, Rosie Boom and Penelope Foote are prolific authors, and their work can be found on various platforms:


Rosie lives with her husband Chris in rural Northland, New Zealand. They have six adult children. The couple are singers/songwriters, and have performed in many different countries and released several CDs. Rosie is a sought-after speaker at home schooling conventions, churches, women’s conferences and mission events where she loves to speak about faith and family. She has written nine books and counting …

The Gift of Values

by Rosie Boom: This book will encourage and inspire parents to give their children the priceless gift of values: honesty, right attitudes, courage, perseverance, diligence and obedience.

Boom Tree Publishing:

The Barn Chronicles

Multi-award winning series The Barn Chronicles by Rosie Boom: Where Lions Roar at Night; Where Arrows Fly; Where the Crickets Sing; Where the River Rises. The fun and adventures of a ‘pioneering’ New Zealand family.

Boom Tree Publishing:

Where the Jungle calls

Rose, Penny and Peter – who feature as adults in The Barn Chronicles – are young children when they are swept away into a great adventure, sailing the blue Pacific to a mission school in the jungles of Papua New Guinea. There they become explorers and adventurers in their own  wild kingdom.

Boom Tree Publishing:


Peter is a Gisborne-based artist, writer and philosopher who has for over 50 years been creating miscellaneous works … from stone and bone pendants to etchings, paintings and sculptures to fiction and non-fiction books, and last but not least the Aeden fantasy epic which is now being populated with his own illustrations. 


The Girl and the Guardian

by Peter Harris: Shelley Arkle stumbles into the lost world of Aeden where the deathly Thornmen lie in wait. Rescued by the Boy Raiders, she meets an Outcast Guardian who invites her on a perilous quest to save Aeden.  This book is the first in a series.

Aeden Print:

The Nautilus Project:

Arthur Pike, a rebellious young computer games addict, is summoned by his reclusive grandfather to join him at his secret hideaway on a lake in the forests of Northland.  Arthur joins local girl Tess in a bid to stop a secret brotherhood from using the power that lies beneath the lake for their own ends. If they fail the world will fall into evil hands.

Aeden Print:


Penny lives with her husband David at Homewood, a farmlet in Northland, New Zealand.  They have five adult children and close to 20 grandchildren. Penny has always kept dogs and horses, one of whom – Seth – was the model for his namesake in The Adventures of Romy.  Penelope loves to ride, and has taught her horses to work in harness. She began to learn the violin in her 40s and has taught many children to play.

The Adventures of Romy

by Penelope Foote: For as long as Romy can remember, his home has been a gypsy wagon, travelling the Welsh countryside with Ma and Pa. One day his life changes forever, and he discovers the meaning of courage, family and love.  

Homewood Publishing:


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